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How Many People Visit This Web Site?

Cumulative Overview of Website Traffic

2005 - 1st Year780,593326,191
2006 - 2nd Year1,680,288745,576
2007 - 3rd Year2,389,1211,079,650
2008 - 4th Year2,754,5131,090,057
2009 - 5th Year3,206,9811,081,826
2010 - 6th Year4,512,2111,293,657
2011 - 7th Year4,688,047 1,338,656
2012 - 8th Year4,178,7371,284,690
2013 - 9th Yearpendingpending
2014 - 10th Yearpendingpending
Total Cumulative Traffic:24,190,491  8,240,303

NOTE: In mid-2012, the stats program we use (javascript-based) stopped being acknowledged by newer browsers. We're currently working on a way to correctly interpret the amount of restaurant traffic we receive, using a non-javascript-based method.

Normal traffic patterns for the Myrtle Beach area generally follow a seasonal pattern with traffic totals at their highest in peak tourist season, and lowest in the colder, off-season months.

To see why it's important to view web statistics in regards to people visiting a site, read a quick primer on understanding webstats (opens in new window).

History of this Site

Planning for this database-driven website with independent user-submitted reviews began in early 2000, and following development and extensive beta-testing, the site was launched on an active public web server in December 2004.

Since then the MBSCr site has evolved with new features, more information and it has become the top local restaurant review site.

In 2013-2014 extensive renovation of the site included the use of HTML5 and CSS3 to make the site responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile applications, to make your experience here more useful and informative.