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Myrtle Beach SC Restaurants - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions we've received from visitors to this restaurant guide. We regularly update this section, so please check it often.

The reviews on this site aren't by professional food writers. Don't food critics write more accurate reviews than regular people?

First, some of the reviews on this site are by food critics, they just don't identify themselves publicly as such. Secondly, we believe that food critics, usually well-known by restaurant owners and managers, are more likely to be treated exceptionally well at a restaurant. Their reviews also give a single opinion, as opposed to thousands of opinions from thousands of different people.

We also believe that restaurant reviews by regular people like you and me, while maybe not using the rich, descriptive words and level of detail a food critic would use, are what most people experience at a restaurant.

My family and I are coming to Myrtle Beach next month. What restaurants do you recommend that are kid friendly/serve good food/have great service/are reasonably priced/etc.?

The administrators and staff of this site do not provide recommendations based on our personal opinions on where to eat in the Myrtle Beach area. Perhaps one of the best ways to help narrow your choices may be to choose an area first, then the type of food you like in that area, and read the reviews written about those restaurants.

Why hasn't the review I posted shown up on that restaurant's page?

At any given time, with the volume of reviews we receive daily, there are usually dozens of reviews pending verification or approval. It will always take at least an hour and sometimes many days to approve a review. When an administrator requests verification of a review or reviewer, it can take several days to verify via email address of the reviewer.

Why aren't there links to more coupons that I can print out and save money?

The best way for us to provide easy access to more restaurant coupons is for a restaurant owner, manager, or visitor to this site to point us to the location of a coupon online. If a restaurant only has printed coupons, patrons who frequent favorite restaurants may request the restaurant owner or manager visit this site to provide their coupon information so we may create an online coupon for them.

How can I find restaurants that are open for lunch/have oceanfront dining/have outdoor seating/overlook the waterway/have early bird specials/provide wireless internet?

We are currently adding those fields to our database and as we are provided with the information, you will have the ability to view restaurants with these specific characteristics and others shortly.

What restaurants are serving on Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/Valentines Day?

Before holidays and special events, if we obtain or are provided the information, we list restaurants who are open to the public at those times.

How can I see which restaurants are added and when they're added to this site?

Our programmers are working on this ability now, and you will be able to see a list of most recently added restaurants and the dates they were added shortly.

Can you add a breakdown of carbs/calories/fat grams/sugar content/etc. for a restaurant's most popular dishes?

We are a restaurant guide, built by user input, so unless a restaurant owner or manager were to add that information, we do not have access to that type of detailed information for each restaurant.

Our friend/relative/associate works at (Fill in the Blank) Restaurant. Can you forward a message to him/her?

We're sorry, but administrators and staff of this site are not able to contact restaurant owners, managers, or staff in this manner.

If the above answers did not answer your question(s), please visit the Help section.

Myrtle Beach SC Restaurants Staff